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    TSS commencing an action against the BCSA

    We don't have the population for this.
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    TSS commencing an action against the BCSA

    Usually the tag says 'one size fits all'
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    TSS commencing an action against the BCSA

    All about selfish clubs and coaches at this point. Players suffer and the game moving forward suffers.
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    RIP Kobe Bryant

    If Obama was still president it'd be a National Holiday....
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    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    Thats a pretty solid squad.
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    Allstars 2020 FVSL vs VISL Allstars

    I wonder how many marriages are now in limbo as a result??? :p:wa:
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    Regional Tier 3 League

    Why are we still relying on the university players? They have enough of a hard time fitting in as top players in the Valley?? All leagues around the world use there local players. Deplete the shite out of the VMSL and FVSL and VISL premiere teams of there players. This is where we keep making...
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    Report: FVSL President under investigation

    I think we are missing a few.....
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    Cavallini to Whitecaps

    I likey
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    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    Guess the long ball has caught up to safc You can only go to the well so many times before everyone catches on
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    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    Sounds like he's arse deep in trouble on this one....
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2019/2020

    How was that not a foul on the keeper??
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    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    And the starting 11 based on best player at each position. Not a team of 5 goalies and 6 strikers.
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    2019 Whitecaps

    I still hate the french canadian twat. hew is not up to top mls stanard