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    Congrats H-Dog!!!

    Well another little Hampton is Born.....Jason and Gillian had a little girl, Maggie. Yesterday morning at 9:07 am. Happy and healthy and a bouncing 6 lbs 13 oz's.....Mom is doing fine......Congrats guys........Jeff....
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    Merrit Mountain Music Festival

    Not that i'm a big Country Music fan or anything but me and a buddy stopped in last year for a couple of nights and couldn't believe our frickin eye's.....I've been to some pretty good parties in my time and this one is definately the KING of ALL Parties....Any TTPer's going up this year???
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    Baseball: Guy steals ball from 4 yr old

    Did anyone see the highlights from the Rangers/Cards game from last night. I think it was the top of the 5th when a foul ball went behind home plate towards a young fan. Then some 250 pd jacka$$ jumps over the kid and pins him against the seat with all of his girth and steals the ball from the...
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    Beer Strike!!!

    For the love of mary when is Gordo going to step up and force the Brewer's distribution limited guys back to work so we don't run out of BEER!! The health care strike was bad enough but come on man we are talking about most guys favorite bevy here!!! Fingers crossed.... :mad:
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    Kelowna Fires....

    Just got off the phone with a buddy from Peachland, he said he can see house after house going up in flames on the other side of the lake. Like myself i'm sure there are fellow TTPer's with friends and relatives up in or near Kelowna. Let's all pray the boys can get a handle on this thing before...