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  1. Luch

    Canada Vs Honduras Oct 16

    Here we go, here we go, here we go... Canada Soccer (@CanadaSoccerEN) 2012-10-12 9:07 PM We can now confirm that Tuesday's match will be at 16.00 ET / 13.00 PT, live on @Sportsnet. They don't come any bigger. #SeeTheeRise
  2. Luch

    2011 MLS Playoffs

    Anyone watching? Nice to see the Sounders get knocked out tonight. While I enjoy what their supporters do, I still love to see them flop... especially after our horendous season. And, if you follow Hinton at all on twitter, you'll know why I enjoyed tonight. Next up... LA needs to choke.
  3. Luch

    Caps vs. RSL is OFF

    In case you haven't heard, the match has been postponed... Whitecaps-Real Salt Lake game cancelled due to field conditions
  4. Luch

    Whitecaps vs Columbus 20110430

    Khalfan! Come on.
  5. Luch

    Where to watch EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga...

    So where are the leagues for 10/11? Who has which time slots? Serie A - The Score HD - still haven't seen a schedule - RAI - traditionally has done both Saturday games, Primetime Sunday am Giostra match and the late Sunday game EPL - Setanta HD - Sportsnet - TSN2? - found a 4:30am match for...
  6. Luch

    Pitt - Boston on TV?

    With all the hype leading up to this one... does anyone know if it's being picked up on any of the local networks? YouTube- March 13th, 2010 Coach's Corner with Ron MacLean & Don Cherry Hockey Night in Canada
  7. Luch

    Keep ups.... blindfolded

    How many can you do?
  8. Luch

    Goltv HD

    I was doing a search last night for the Real/TFC match tonight thru my Bell program guide and noticed that the match is being shown on Goltv HD (390 on Bell). I'm guessing that this match is the launch of Goltv HD. There are a few programs listed after the match and then dead air. Nice that...
  9. Luch

    VMSL Superpool Standings

    Regs, Any idea of what these standings look like? If City FC did win last night, I know that I've got 3 finalists leading into this weekend. Not sure what others have though and I'm too lazy to do the math :confused: