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    U 17 World Cup

    Just watch Canada tie England 2-2 today in the opening game of the World Cup U 17. Canada's Goalie...Yes Goalie tied it in the 87th minute on a 70 yard ball up the pitch. It bounced over the England Keeper and never should have gone in. Well done for the youngsters...You can find the goal...
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    The 2008 TTP Christmas Bash!

    Yes a New Thread as we need to start getting some numbers in place for Next Weeks TTP Christmas Bash! I would really like to start getting a list of names of who can and who can't make it out this year. This year we will meet at the Langley Shark Club on Weds Dec 17th at 7 pm The Canucks...
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    FVSL Masters March Results.

    So onto the quarter finals this weekend eh boys. Some good games.........Here are my picks. Delta at home vs Rangers. Rangers in a tight O T game.:D (will Doalie be in goal) Aldergrove at home vs Mission. 3 - 2 Aldergrove. Deakon with the winner. Peace Arch at home vs Sikh U. Peace...
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    FVSL All Stars Program

    So this year the FVSL Open Men's All Star team will play a home and away series with the Vancouver Island All Stars this year........(Total aggregate of a two game home and away series) To make things interesting...........They also want to do a Mens Masters FVSL vs Island All Star...
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    TTP 2007 Cup o' Christmas Cheer

    The TTP Cup o' Christmas Cheer get together is set. Thursday Dec 20th, 8 pm at the Langley Shark Club. Prizes, Prizes ,Prizes.......Canucks play Dallas that night. If you have never attended a TTP function please make an effort to attend. For those of you who have attended in the...
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    Western Canadian Championships

    Well we made it......well almost all of us. One big defender missed the flight by 5 minutes. The Rangers and the B C Lions were the only people on the flight. They all mingled in well and our tickets for the game are row three. The boys are down in the pub right now and we have a...
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    Presidents Cup

    I can't believe how much of a lead the USA boys took today on the first day. If you like golf you have to love this Tourney. Golf as we know it is usually a One Man Sport............This team aspect does raise the intrest and the emotion way up the ladder. Jacko and Copper are at the...
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    The Pisstake Open '07

    Well maybe it is time to re kindle the TTP Golf Tourney??? We seem to have many golfers here on the site and by far the most fun we have had at a TTP function was the annual Golf Tourney. Just go to the photos section and check out the three other tournaments from the past...
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    Allstars FVSL allstars vs VMSL allstars

    Well we are getting closer to setting a game up with the VMSL allstars. Today i confirmed a sponsor for the game who will not only donate a very nice trophy to the winner but also have both teams and staff back to the restaurant for dinner and pints after. We are looking to book Town...
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    Allstars Fraser Valley All Stars vs Van Whitecaps

    I am please to announce that the Fraser Valley All Star program will be back for another year and we just secured our first of three high profile matches for the squad Last season was the start of the program and this year we plan to expand and take the program up a different level. The...
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    Pakenham Cup PAK CUP. round 3 predictions.

    Here we go round three! The Quarter Finals are as follows. Columbia Bearcats or Delta Lions P vs Aldergrove P Port Moody P vs Chilliwack Div 1 Langley P vs Chilliwack P Peace Arch P vs Langley Dynamo Div 1 The big game looks to be Langley P vs Chilliwack P. Have at it boys!
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    Man U and Celtic lose?

    What a day of Football as both Man United and Celtic both get knocked out of respective Cup Play Manchester U was beaten today and knocked out of the Carling Cup by first division team Southend. Southend scored the only goal of the match on a free kick in the 27th minute...
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    Happy Birthday Aves

    Happy B Day Mr Aves! Here's to another year of great battles both on and off the field. Have a great day big man and good luck tomorrow in the B R M debut to the VMSL. Enjoy!
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    The Fastshow Reunion Tour,

    What a fricken great night. The Rangers had training and Fasty and KNVB were both out and fully on fire. After going down 7-1 to Fastys team, team R F and KNVB decided to step it up a notch. Final score 8 - 7 for the bad guys. Someone please attach a link here as i have pics of the...
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    St Patricks Day

    So tomorrow is the big day for all the lovely Irish people. Where is everyones choice of venue for the evening? I know alot of the locals will be making there way over to the ever so Irish Kelly O Bryans. :D Looking forward to tipping a few jars with alot of you tomorrow night...
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    English F A Cup

    Shocking !!!!!!!!!!! Man U 0 - Burton Albion 0. Correct me if i'm wrong but is this team not a div 4 team?(I know that there is Premiership, Champions League, then div 1,div 2 and Burtons division. The Nationwide Conference ) I know they sat alot of starters but man oh man they...
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    A TTP Christams Drink.

    Everyone is very busy this season but it really would be a shame if allot of the fun Characters on this site didn't get together for a pint and a laugh. At least twenty of us or so have said that we will be getting together to watch the Canuck game and share a Christmas pint. Where- Kelly...
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    Nfl Football Pools.

    On the topic of NFL . Paqua and i went 15 for 15 so far including the spread and have won a cool $4500 bucks today at Woody's NFL pool. If Seattle wins by 3.5 or more tonight, we will be the first team to go 16 for 16 with the spread.(with a nice little bonus) :D Yes a few of us will...
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    [FVSL Masters 2005] September Schedule and Results.

    Hey boys welcome back. Friday night the season gets rockin and a rollin. Rangers vs Sapperton at Newton 7:45 (Nice old rivalry) Langley vs Delta LSS. 9 PM (what the.....9 pm... Ouch) See you at Gabbys for the season opener boys. Surrey U vs Aldergrove 10 am...
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    Western Canadians Draw!

    Here is the draw for the Westerns. Four teams! :rolleyes: All games are at Byrne Creek Park in Burnaby. A new turf field Regs!! Friday- Oct 7th - 11 am - B.C (Rangers) vs Manitoba 3 pm -Alberta vs Sask Sat Oct 8th 10 am B.C. (Rangers) vs Sask...