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  1. machel

    RIP Ole Qvist

    Having grown up outside the lower mainland I never really knew of Ole's playing days until running in to him at the Nation's cup a couple years back. It seemed like everyone we talked to had a story about their epic playing days together. He was my first coach when I joined City FC. He was in...
  2. machel

    Zlatan suspended two games

    He should have seen red in the game imo. Isn't VAR supposed to catch an incident like this? However, I don't think a two game suspension is warranted. Thoughts? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay...
  3. machel

    MLS transfers thread

    Giovinco out, and he sounds quite bitter about it... Almiron to Newcastle in record deal...
  4. machel

    VMSL Masters Premier 2018-2019 Results, banter and predictions

    First week of the new season is upon us! This may be arguably the most competitive the division has been in recent years. Last year crowned a new league champion in undefeated West Van. Chile surprised with a double in the League cup and the Provincials. This may have lit a fire under the asses...
  5. machel

    World Cup 2018 - Quarter Finals

    France vs Uruguay Brazil vs Belgium England vs Sweden Russia vs Croatia I'll go with: Uruguay Belgium England Croatia
  6. machel

    Cobra Kai

    Paying homage to my profile pic for the past couple of's a link to the continued saga for the other Karate Kid nerds out their like me. From the writers of 'Harold and Kumar' and 'Hot Tub Time Machine'...some good laughs! Cobra Kai
  7. machel

    Lee Nguyen signs for LAFC

    Another number 10 off the transfer market as LAFC sign Lee Nguyen. I thought maybe the Galaxy would sign him since they are terrible right now and lack the service Ibra desperately needs. The Whitecaps don't need a player like Lee: Lee The Creator Nguyen had a career-high 15 assists in 2017...
  8. machel

    Neymar's debut with PSG

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> LINK here if the embed doesn't work. Amazing first game with PSG. He's involved with so much of the attack and gets a lot of touches on the ball. Hopefully he keeps this...
  9. machel

    VMSL Cup Play?

    Just wondering when cup season is starting?
  10. machel

    Div 2 promotion and relegation?

    It's going to be an exciting year in Div.2! Does anyone know how the promotion and relegation works this year? Thanks and good luck.