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  1. T-Idiot

    Satan has died.

    I like this.. Jefferey Dahmer style. " hey Jeff ... Here's a Bucket and mop to clean out the bathroom which has one way in and out .... whoops. Concerning Olsen. I hope he died with no pain medication... that's all I think we can hope for in this bleeding heart society. MTKB.. I know where...
  2. T-Idiot

    hockey fights 2010-2011

    Great fight. made me look up a couple of old ones. Probert VS Cox ( notice the Organ player keeps on going) Kordic VS Miller
  3. T-Idiot

    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings, 2009-2010

    Nothin to do ????? Those guys in Chemainus didn't paint those walls for nothing Nothing to do come on ................ I wonder if they coloured by #
  4. T-Idiot

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    Since your staying at the Empress hotel ...Please scope out Miniature World Museum ....They may have Gorilla Glued our Duecy & Pepe down on the Fantasy Island display .....Duece would be best suited to play Ricardo Montoban since he's taller then Pepe and has a affinity for Carinthinian(sp) Leather
  5. T-Idiot

    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings, 2009-2010

    Nice one BigUnit .... now he's going to pull a Groundhog and we won't see anything for another 2 months Now we wait for a witty yet Archie Bunkerish reply by Steve1234
  6. T-Idiot

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    Dear God no .... please pass the pepper and salt
  7. T-Idiot

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    Watching ......................we only have 8 avail.............make that 7 Duece's last Unconfirmed physical siting was at the Landing ... but a Mexican Travelling circus was travelling and entertaining the West Coast this week and they did place a Missing person report with the Ladner PD...
  8. T-Idiot

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    RF .. We have Steve Darling on the Case ... and the Dime donated is just the base we need to buy some gas for the John Deere
  9. T-Idiot

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    Okay Elmer Fudd
  10. T-Idiot

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    Both clubs lined up at one end of the pitch and slowly walked to the other thrashing with long sticks and calling his name .... It didn't look good since their were sitings of Eagles about and small coyotes were rumuored to have been seen. We held a benefit concert at the Sundowner and...
  11. T-Idiot

    Ladner 035's Summer Soccer League 2010

    and somebody get the John Deere out and Cut the F-ing Grass .... the grass was so tall and thick you could hide behind it to get out of the wind
  12. T-Idiot

    Happy Birthday Besty

    Happy Birthday ..keep your eye on the Translink rates .. you might miss out on a deal
  13. T-Idiot

    Protestors start vandalizing...

    These guys aren't protesters .. nothing but thugs I'm watching the CTV footage and they are trying to provoke the police into doing something stupid like laying down some "rReal Law" .. all of them are wearing masks and have their little cronies running around taking pictures and beaking off...
  14. T-Idiot

    Who will light the Flame?

    Celine was too busy rapping the revamped We are the world single to be in Vancouver
  15. T-Idiot

    Masters Football: Winter or Summer?

    I believe P hopes that every summer game will be played at David Lam Park He can just drop anchor off shore eating Chili dogs and Fromage while sipping in some Crown ......AAWWW the scene takes me back to the last scene in "Trading Places " with scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis in a Bikini .
  16. T-Idiot

    [VMSL Masters] Discussion/rumours/banter, November 2009

    Wow ................ the refs we've had this year he ranks near the top if not the best nothing like Haji making himself the third team on the park .. disgrace
  17. T-Idiot

    NASL is back... kind of...

    Big Scoop {blue and white ice cream } and Super Socco and the round pad with carry handle for those ever pleasent seats at Empire .. take me to the mall for a willie woozle malt oh yeah that's horrible of using the NASL Brand.. forgot what this blog was about ?