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    Texas Hold'em Tourney

    hi guys im hosting another tourney on July 17th at 1pm. so far we have 30 people confirmed so if you'd like to join us just email me and ill send you an invitation. 1st place last month took home $1000 it'll be near my place in False Creek werd!
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    May 7th poker

    if you want details email me 27 players MAX with over $500 going to the winner
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    April 9th tourney

    if you want details email me 24 players (roughly) with over $500 going to the winner
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    TTP Poker Night?

    who is down with this? and who could set one up? let's see what the interest is like
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    2003/04 Season Pool Q&A

    2003/04 Season Pool when do we begin signing up for this?
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    Final Round

    well, my girl won. and i continued my impressive string of 2nd place finishes intact. Garner won in a Walk(s)???? 131-75 whats the 2nd place prize?
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    Match Day 16

    terrible news...Bye Bye Brooke