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    Div 3 FVSL DIV 3 2014/15 Banter

    Hey Dutch, looks like the top scorer decided to let some of his mates have a turn. Top defense? Good job WCFC and yes hope the goalie is Okay.
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    Bradner Cup Bradner 2014/2015 Open 1/2/3/U-21

    I agree, no shame is losing to a superior team. United just needs to tighten up the midfield and I think they will have a good shot at the Presidents cup this year. Maybe a rematch with Langley. Will be interesting to see how that U-21 team does against a Div-1 team.
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    Bradner Cup Bradner 2014/2015 Open 1/2/3/U-21

    First goal for PMO offside by at least 5yards. One goal that was called back was not offside. PMO possession was about 90%. Definitely deserved to win. Very clean game, no chirping each other or mouthing off to ref. United need to work on midfielder positioning.