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    Imperial Cup 2020 Imperial Cup

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    MLS scouting

    If this is true, maybe the Timbers actually have worse scouting than the Caps?
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    Joel Waterman signs with Montreal Impact Joel Waterman is the first CPL -> MLS transfer. It's been a real grind for him, starting I think in youth with Aldergrove before moving to Surrey United and graduating to play University...
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    VMSL Weekly Review 2019-20

    So the VMSL Weekly Review is back... unfortunately it's missing a few superlatives because it's no longer written by Azzi. Oddly I can't find it published anywhere on the VMSL site, so I thought I'd post here to share with those who aren't on the distribution list.
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    From VMSL to CPL - Ahmed Alghamdi joins Pacific FC

    Great story here with a youngster stepping up from the VMSL ranks to earn a pro contract in the CPL. He is officially the youngest player signed in the league, and made his debut Wednesday night. Ahmed was one of the initial players on our Rino's Tigers team and was only 14 years old during...
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    MLS Superdraft

    MLS combine is wrapping up. There were 6 Canadians this year, which might be a record? SFU's Mamadi Camara went which I think is a first for the program (I don't recall Jovan going the year the Caps drafted him) At least one team has decided they give 0 fcuks about the draft...
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    Own Goal: The Inside Story of How the USMNT Missed the 2018 World Cup
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    RASA Summer 2018

    Figured it'd be better to start a new thread than have people keep posting in the AFTN thread from last year... Scores are not updated because the esteemed score keeper and statistician, @One Dart has been busy with the High School Girls Provincial Championships where his South Delta team...
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    FAO: DUDE part 2

    I heard you are a closet Southsider.
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    Hey @Dude, it seems Mills threw his toys out the pram and needs you to help pick them up and give them back to him. Also, does this mean you are unbanned from the league?
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    Masters Summer Leagues

    Heard that North Shore Coaches League won't run this summer. What are the current options for a team looking for a 35+ or 30+ age league as close to Vancouver as possible?
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    John Herdman Appointed Canada MNT Coach

    What the fcuk :confused:
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    VMSL Masters Re-Alignment

    Any TTPers go to the meeting on Monday? The topic was what to do with O35 D2. They said it could impact O35 D1 and/or O45 D1. I haven't heard anything since the meeting, so I was wondering if anyone here knew what conclusions were made.
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    2017 BC Provincial Cup Update

    BC Soccer hosted an emergency meeting last night that had the Leagues and BC Soccer Competitions Committee try to come up with an option that would better serve the members of BC Soccer. Here are some key points: 1. The major Draw event at Fortius on April 3rd has been Cancelled. 2. All Draws...
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    Octavio Zambrano Hired as new Canadian MNT Coach Poor bastard probably has no idea what he's just signed up for. On the plus side, we no longer have that bad excuse for an interim coach in charge.
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    Div 2 2017 VMSL Div 2 Cup

    57 teams are drawn in the VMSL Div 2 Cup. We will finally find out just how good Coquitlam Metro Ford Lupi are as they would expect to face BBY Metro Athletic in the Round of 16.
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    Imperial Cup 2017 VMSL Imperial Cup

    The Imperial Cup Draw is complete. 22 teams entered (Metropolitan chose not to play). 3 of the 6 random byes went to Div 1 teams. The way the draw is lined up, it looks like someone might get their wish to face CMF...
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    Lincoln Red Imps 1-0 Celtic

    "Well European nights in mid-July are only ever memorable for the wrong reasons and no Celtic fan will be forgetting this one in a hurry. Humbled by a side of part-timers from Gibraltar, a country with a population half the size of Celtic Park."
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    2016 Blockbuster vs Rogers Video B Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Keith Millar Cup (Men's B) 2016 Allocations Vancouver Metro Soccer League 7 (6 + 1 extra for being last year's champs) Vancouver Island Soccer League 4 Fraser Valley Soccer League 5 Burnaby Mens Soccer League 4 Richmond Adult Soccer Association 4 Here is who is in this year: VMSL Campo...
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    Weekly Review RIP Azzi's Superlative Week in Review

    Apparently one team is refusing to submit reports, so Azzi is so aggravated that he's decided to quit doing them. NO PIZZA FOR YOU!