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  1. Sir M

    2020 Masters A Cup Draw, Results, Banter

    Here is the A Cup VMSL Masters Draw 2020 If you can open it
  2. Sir M

    2019 BC Masters Provincial A Cup Draw, discussion, banter and results

    Masters A Draw: Cowichan 49ers (1 seed) VISL Bye Columbus VMSL UVic Alum VISL PCOV (2 seed) VMSL Bye Temple FVSL Port Moody FVSL Metro Ford (3 seed) VMSL Bye North Delta FVSL Gorge FC VISL Surrey Utd (4 seed) FVSL Bye EDC Inter VMSL West Van FC VMSL
  3. Sir M

    2018 Masters B Cup Results, Discussion, Banter

    This cup is interesting, who was eligible to qualify for this trophy? Soccer Adult Provincial Cup Draw.pdf The draw is on page 7....
  4. Sir M

    2017-18 Masters A Cup draw/results/banter

    The Masters A Cup is out. Canucks 4E has his own delusional thoughts. Anyone else?
  5. Sir M

    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings 2017-2018

    It has been almost a year now, but just in time for Christmas, here are the holiday edition 2017-2018 Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings. Carry on as if normal. 1. West Van FC M (VMSL) (last week's ranking: not ranked). This side seems to be in a nasty mood this year and an infusion of youth...
  6. Sir M

    VMSL Masters Premier 2017-2018 Results, banter and predictions

    Ten teams back in VMSL Masters Premier this season, 18 game league schedule. Metro Ford West Van FC Croatia FC Columbus PCOV Westside Romanians VUFC Rangers West Van Flying Horses Croatia Stallions Already some interesting moves.
  7. Sir M

    2017 BC Mens Provincial Masters Cup - Predictions, Results and Banter

    Here is this years of the new expanded draw (home teams first/top): Top Half Prelim Round Game 1 Cowichan VISL v FK Nicola Tesla RASA; winner plays Roma BMSL (home, seeded) in Game 9 Game 2 Vic West VISL v PMO Rangers FVSL; winner plays ND Rangers FVSL (home, seeded) in Game 10 Game 3...
  8. Sir M

    VMSL Masters A Cup 2017

    This years Masters A Cup is under way. Some expected resullt so far in the early rounds with at least one surprise: On Wednesday Croatia Stallions (Div 1) beat Harps (Div 1) 3-2 in a prelim elimination game. On Friday Coquitlam Metro Ford (Premier) pounded their neighbours N. Coquitlam...
  9. Sir M

    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings 2016-2017

    It is now mid October, and things are now beginning to settle down a bit. I am not referring here to Rangerforever's post-Thanksgiving gastro-intestinal issues, but rather the often maligned, misinterpreted, but never replicated Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings. As rankings fans, should they...
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    VMSL Masters A CUP 2016

    Masters Draw VMSL 2016
  11. Sir M

    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings 2015-2016

    Ok, after some delay, soul searching, false promises, nasty politics and a recognition of some be careful what you wish for issues, Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings are back with the 2015-2016 inaugural edition. Lets get on with it now: 1. Port Moody O'Rangers FC (FVSL) (last week's ranking...
  12. Sir M

    TTP Bookie NCAA Final Four

    Sir M submitted a new Sportsbook Event: NCAA Final Four Place your wagers here...
  13. Sir M

    TTP Bookie NCAA Final Four

    Sir M submitted a new Sportsbook Event: NCAA Final Four Place your wagers here...
  14. Sir M

    2015 Masters A Cup

    Here is the draw, discussion can take place on this thread.
  15. Sir M

    Imperial Cup Imperial Cup 2015

    Here is the draw:
  16. Sir M

    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings, 2014-2015

    Ok, the comprehensive rankings are still a week or two away, but let us get a bit reflective for now: Some thoughts to ponder: There are nine teams in VMSL Premier Masters, down from the traditional ten as no teams came up from Div One. Sapperton and Metro Ford, both traditionally strong...
  17. Sir M

    Gun control on a more serious level

    This not just a US thing. Sir M
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    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings 2013-2014

    Ok, Due to an economic downturn, causing for example the light at the end of the tunnel being turned off as a cost saving measure, the rankings are back for 2013-2014. Some staff (especially the VISL guys) are recently out of having to spend several months doing "quiet time". So we are a bit...
  19. Sir M

    [VMSL Masters Premier] 2013/2014

    I don't want to get yelled at for asking anyone officially, so I wanted to ask on this site, plus there is a need for a bit of chat on TTP these days anyway. Does anyone know the cut off year for VMSL Masters underaged players? ie how it 1979 or 1978? Luch, speaking of remembering...
  20. Sir M

    International Soccer News