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    Incase You Missed It!!!!!!

    New thread. Post your must see news articles here.
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    Just floored over the news of Jason Botchford's Passing. I was a fan and really enjoyed the passion he brought with his profession. Gone too soon. RIP Botch
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    RIP to THE ROXY?
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    The Soccer Ball

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    Fcuk they're painful to watch. Fire Buono and hire Farhan Lalji as his replacement. Trade For Jonny Football and I might go see a game live. What a horrible time to be a local sports fan.
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    This deserves its own thread. Discuss.....
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    poor guy

    Sign this guy up here!
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    more here Fore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Looking for a new hobby so I can make enough money to move to Whistler and live next door to @Dude. Anyone here with experience in trading crypto currency ?
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    Ice storm 2017

    Just got our power back here at Hatzic lake. went out Thursday night and came back on 2 am this morning just in time for the hawks game. Fingers crossed. Most of you Urban folk probably have no idea what I'm talking about so I lay it out in pictures. Enjoy.
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    2018 Whitecaps

    I thought for sure this would have brought @Dude back for comment. I guess he is too busy in Whistler mingling with the Jay Demerit's and Ashley Meade's of the world these days
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    It's your daughter who was murdered.

    Now that I have your attention, a precident setting trial is happening right now in Toronto and for the sake of discussion don't cheat and read the article from the link provided if your not familiar with the murder of 23 yr old Laura Babcock...
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    Golovkin VS Canelo

    Fight of the year Saturday. Two guys who can really throw em. Undercards should be interesting after what this kid pulled at the weigh in.
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    2026 WORLD CUP

    In regards to the joint Bid for the 2026 WC a list of potential venue's has been released. As far as Canada goes I may be a little biased but Anything Under 40,000 capacity I cant see as an option. Mosaic Looks Nice but can they get the support? Could BC Place , Century link and...
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    2017 Free Agency

    So according to Rick "Been Told" Dhaliwal. Canucks could have a few new faces in the next few days. Getting his name back out before He moves to the new Sportsnet Radio? This Doesnt sound like a rebuild..
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    The Next Generation Well Done Alphonso. Hopefully brighter days ahead
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    Ya ya. Rules are rules. I guess this is considered progress???? Thought this deserved its own thread. Can someone please update the laws that govern our game locally. And to the the old boys club overseeing this shite. Get fcuked...
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    Rip Travis

    Just saw the report on Global. No comment on the incident itself as this is not the time nor place. Ruined my Friday night seeing this. Rip young man. Prayers and thoughts to your family. All you on TTP with kids go give em a hug...
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    2017 Provincial Election

    But Christie gave us family day. Discuss......