Div 1 [VMSL Div 1] Predictions, Results & Banter 2018/2019

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    Any time any of our teams have had him. No matter what division. He is an arrogant shitty ref.
    We have had sending offs reversed because even by his own hand he wrote that our player was maliciously taken down from him. Lol. There was no foul or card handed out by him but we got booked. When the report was read the discipline committee reversed it.
    Matt bisset May be a good guy off the field but I have no idea but on the pitch. He should have been swallowed.
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    The table is finally starting to become stratified in Division 1 as Burnaby Selects and Columbus are now clear favourites to go up. Coquitlam are in the neighbourhood but, of course, cannot be promoted anyway. After than it is a drop off to the mid table teams through the top eight and you can see that, overall, goal difference is a good indicator of where the teams stand given we have a decent portion of the season to use as a sample size. Ninth place Inter need to figure out if they belong with the mid-table group or the teams below fighting it out for promotion. Can anyone make a major move to shake up the table down the stretch? We shall see.

    Completely Baseless Predictions - Week 14

    Columbus v Club Inter EDC
    After dropping a pair of points with a draw against Rino's, Columbus were pushed likely a bit harder than they might have thought against relegation threatened NorVan. It took a late winner to ensure they pocketed all the points but, in the end, the result is all that really matters in a promotion fight. Notwithstanding Coquitlam, the Italians are six points up on promotion and we be looking to at least maintain that against another team flirting with the relegation battle. The once "Italians", "Chinter", are currently seven points clear of the drop. Their form has been wildly inconsistent, but it looks like they should have just about enough to stay up. Inter have not really been simply brushed aside by their opposition as they seem to be in most games, but it appears that they lack the cutting edge to find the crucial goal at the crucial moment in order to tilt the match their way. They will likely have their looks again this week against Columbus, especially if Columbus are not quite at their best. That being said, I would expect the promotion hopefuls to make sure they find a way to put another win on the board.

    Westside v NorVan Storm
    A big derby win for Westside last week, picking up a 3-0 over rivals Rino's. Meanwhile, NorVan just missed getting something off of Columbus, losing late 3-2, and will surely be confident as they are set to face an opponent who they have already taken points off of this season. So both teams then likely fancy their chances in this one. The draw these sides put up when they played back in Week 3 stood as NorVan's only point until a month ago when they rattled off three straight wins to climb out of last place and then the relegation places entirely. That win streak was snapped but Columbus last week, but it was still a solid performance from a team that has clearly turned a corner. They will want to get back to winning ways as soon as possible to avoid being caught by the teams below them and if they continue in their current form they should have every chance to do just that. Westside will likely be almost as please about their win over Rino's as they no doubt were about getting back to their defensive prowes with another clean sheet. The Kerrisdale based side had given up seven goals in their previous two outing after only giving up seven goals all season leading up to those games. Assuming they are back to their resolute ways at the back, expect a cagey affair here. Can one side emerge with all three points? It is likely to come down to a bounce or a moment of magic. Too close to call here so let's make it a draw.

    Vancouver Greencaps v Burnaby Selects White Eagles
    MOTW here with Greencaps still hovering on the edge of the promotion race and White Eagles looking to ensure they stay firmly in first place. It has been an excellent first season in Division 1 for the 'Caps and the Irishmen can enjoy their coming holidays knowing that safety is all but mathematically confirmed. They Vancouver boys have taken advantage of winnable games on their schedule and actually sit only six points back of a shock second consecutive promotion. A closer look at their success though reveals that six of their seven wins have come against the bottom four. Those results are certainly a necessity if you plan to stay in the league, but they will need to beat the top teams as well if they are to take a serious run at back to back promotions. Regardless of how it came to be, and you can certainly only beat the team in front of you on the day, Greencaps are now in a position to challenge at the top and knocking of the top side this weekend would certainly be a message of intent. White Eagles look like the class of the league at the minute and a pair of victories to close out their 2018 portion of their schedule would all but solidify their place in Premier for next season. They once more lead the division in scoring, this season though, they have been much tidier at the back and that is what really installs them as favourites to go up. Now the test will be keeping their focus through a stretch of the schedule that can become somewhat mundane. They have shown their pedigree so far this season and answered every challenge though Greencaps have nothing to lose in this match given that they are playing with house money at this point. It should make for some entertaining football and I expect a few goals and a handful of full blooded tackles from a pair of sides who have never back down from a chance to leave one in on a guy. The league leaders are favourite, but perhaps an upset could be on the cards.

    Romania v Coquitlam Metro Ford Lupi
    Things have gone pear shaped for Romania as they once more find themselves in the drop zone and in the midst of a losing streak. It is now five on the spin without anything to show for their efforts. The goals have also become hard to find again, having only tallied four times in their last six outings. It was a needed return to winning ways for Lupi last week as they put up a 4-1 rout of GN Sporting, denting the Surrey side's promotion hopes. This win came on the back of an 0-1-2 stretch, which is easily the worst stretch form that Lupi have ever experienced during their short history. Happiest of all with this turn of events was likely the VMSL brass, who can hopefully enjoy the back half of the season without fretting over a team that cannot get promoted looking odds on to finish in the top two. Lupi may yet reel in one of those top two places, but, certainly there seems to be other sides very capable of winning promotion after the Tri-Cities boys spent most of the first half of the schedule atop the standings. As far as this weekend is concerned, now that they are back to winning ways, lowly Romania should be relatively straight forward.

    GN Sporting v Rino's Fury
    Both sides come into this one on the back of lopsided losses. GN's 4-1 turning-over at the hand of Coquitlam means that they are now six points back of promotion and it is starting to look like a tough ask. Rino's were beaten by derby rivals Westside, but they have shown the ability to bounce back before and, of course, they are not concerned with a promotion race. For once it is not the Surrey/Delta side who have some availability issues coming into the weekend as it is Rino's with a couple of names on the hot sheet this week. Most troubling for the Vancouver side is that they will be without leading scorer Ryan Arthur whose six goals account for a quarter of their offense. GN showed up at Point Grey back in Week 3 and swept the Fury aside in a rather straight forward 3-0 win. Rino's will certainly be looking to avenge that loss this time around, but a short staffed trip to Delta on a Saturday night does not exactly jump off the page as a recipe for success. Add in the fact that GN will need to play desperate in this one to keep their promotion hopes alive and, while Rino's are certainly capable of a result, I think Sporting have to be favourites.

    Burnaby Metro Athletic v Binger's Army
    Neither of these teams is having the season that they would have hoped for to this point. Now the question remains, can either of them salvage it? Binger's left their escape late last season, but this year it is starting to feel just a bit different. A bizarre abandonment at 1-0 down to potential relegation rivals Inter and then a last minute dagger to lose a point to Greencaps last time out has to be taking a toll on the psyche. Certainly the Army will never give up the fight, but they are starting to run out of runway, sitting five points back of safety and rock bottom as we approach the holiday break. Burnaby meanwhile were expecting to contend for promotion and it all started off so well as they opened the season with three straight wins. It went off the rails after that though, with Athletic going six without a win. Somehow the league did not get away from them and they looked to be back in with a shout until a backbreaking 1-0 loss to NorVan two weeks ago. They bounced back with a narrow 2-1 win last week over Inter, but these are hardly results that inspire confidence of a late season promotion push. They are seven points back of promotion at the minute and a loss to the Army would all but finish them off. They should have enough to get the job done at home against Binger's but the Army are discounted at your own risk. I doubt this one will be easy on the eye, but I think Metro will emerge with the points here.
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    Columbus with a big win
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